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Planning Retainer

Plan Your Next Niksperience with Nik! 

(this document is subject to change at any time)

As a Professional Travel Event Specialist, I believe in personal, one-on-one service and I am committed to providing you personalized attention, the best service, and the best Niksperience possible.

Similar to other service-based professions, I am only compensated for my time when you book with me. I take pride in my brand and my Time Travelers recognize the value that I provide them. The fees that I charge are used to cover the time I spend researching, contacting suppliers to find the best value and/or perks; the time spent to create a custom itinerary, revision(s); adding your event to my website; and running a Facebook Event page and lastly the assurance that I’ll do my best from the moment we start planning, until you return home.

The possibilities - as well as the options - are endless for any destination. NOW is when you need the expertise of a Travel Event Specialist to help you narrow down your choices and to help you navigate the myriad of options that are available to you, your family and friends.


The fees I charge cover my time and resources and are not limited to:


• In depth consultation with you to determine the right options to fit with your desires/wishes.

• Researching the destinations, contacting suppliers to find the best value and/or perks; resorts, cruise ships, tours,excursions, etc. to determine availability, fit, pricing.

• Booking your journey with trusted contracted travel suppliers

• Designing up to two (2) proposals/options for your journey

  • Adding your group event to my website

  • hosting a Facebook Event page 

• Recommending additions of tours/activities, dining recommendations/reservations, spa reservations and more

• Updating you on any changes that may arise

• 24/7 emergency support from myself and/or my trusted travel suppliers during travel

  • The assurance that I’ll do my best from the moment we start planning, until you return home.

• The Custom Travel Retainer fee is considered NON REFUNDABLE/NON TRANSFERABLE

 Should you require more than 2 different quotes/revisions, Nik of Time Travel Agency, LLC reserves the right to charge an additional $75 fee per additional quotation. Should you choose to book your journey elsewhere (or not at all), all fees are non-refundable. Hence becoming  a “Plan To Go” fee to cover service time and resources provided to you after receiving this signed retainer/credit card authorization form from you. Voluntary Cancellation or Rescheduling fees of $50 per person per event, are in addition to, any agency ticketing fees, vendor cancellation/reschedule fees apply. These fees are NOT applied to your rescheduled itinerary. Involuntary changes (i.e. country closures, vendor or airline default, force majeure etc.) will not incur cancel/reschedule fees for services rendered by Nik of Time Travel Agency, LLC. Additionally, my agency charges airline ticketing fees of $50 per person for domestic and $75 per person for international itineraries. 

Your Custom Travel Retainer is as follows and is only valid for 7 days after the initial quote:

Includes two (2) revisions

Individual Travel-US, Caribbean, and Mexico (1-9 people) $100.00

Individual Travel- Rest of the world-(1-9 people) $200.00

Group Travel

- includes event link on

- includes Facebook Event page hosting.

10 -25 people- US, Caribbean, and Mexico- $300.00

10 -25 people- Rest of the world -$500.00

25 or more- Case by case basis. 

Wedding Travel. Not planning. 

-includes event link on

-includes Facebook Event page hosting. 

Caribbean and Mexico-$1000.00

Rest of the world-$1500.00




Payment must be received prior to the commencement of any work.

Should you have any comments, questions, and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me

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