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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a list of FAQs we have received here at Nik of Time Travel. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered as outlined below.


Why Should I Use a Travel Agent?

Given the ease of the internet, why use a travel agent to book your travel plans? While internet bookings are indeed quickly accessible, they don’t always give you the best rate, and they will ALWAYS leave you without representation.  Having a travel agent ensures that you have a “travel advocate” who will:


  • Juggle the multi-tasking required to pull together the many necessary pieces for a successful trip- Handle all of the unexpected events that can impede the satisfaction of your travel experience

  • Provide for you the most current deals and promotions

  • Provide the first-hand experience to the particulars of your desired destination

In summary, your travel agent saves you time, energy, money!


When should I book my vacation?

You should start planning your NEXT vacation while you are ON vacation. As soon as you know what date range you wish to travel, we would advise you to make your reservation. It also allows everyone in your party to make payment arrangements. People are more likely to go if they have time to pay on the trip.


Do I have to pay in full right away?

This depends. Some ‘special offers‘ require payment to be made at the time of booking.  Most others with a minimal deposit, you can have up to 45-60 days prior to trip start date to pay it all depends on the company.  So when you request a quote be ready to place your deposits as prices are not guaranteed if the deposit hasn’t been submitted. If you’re wanting to make monthly payments you should plan at minimum 6 months in advance.


What types of documents are required to travel?

For a domestic flight at check in a valid government photo ID is required. For international flights passport is needed, and a visa. So, please be advised to check if you need a visa for your destination. Our agents are not responsible for information regarding visa or passport requirements. View U.S. Embassy Links


I’m a U.S Citizen without a Passport, Where Can I Travel?

If you are a U.S. citizen without a passport, don’t worry, there are still many places you can vacation, some of which you might not have realized! Places like:

  • Anywhere in the United States

  • All U.S. Territories

  • Canada and Mexico

  • Closed-Loop Cruises A full list of destinations that do not require a U.S. passport can be found here.


What is travel insurance and why should I get it?

Life does not always respect our schedules, and travel insurance is the best way to prepare for any possible hiccup to your vacation. Travel insurance covers most changes or cancellations to your trip, as well as unexpected emergencies while on your vacation. Though we hope you won’t need to use it, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to accompany your travel plans.


Can you find me a discounted airfare?

Though having a travel agent manage your vacation has many perks, discounted airfare is not one of them. However, we are able to suggest and secure many vacation packaged deals that include both land and air at a combined and reduced rate.


What should I bring on my trip?

At Nik of Time Travel, we want you to be as prepared as you possibly can be for your trip! In your final documents that we email to you prior to your departure, we include a list of destination appropriate packing suggestions, as well as what documents we recommend to carry with you

on your trip.

How do we pay for group events? 

For group events, we accept online payments, CashApp $NikkiMcGregory or mail in payments. We accept AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. For mail-in payments, we accept personal checks, money orders, and certified checks to be mailed to Nik of Time Travel LLC. 1137 N. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake VA 22320. Please note personal checks will not be accepted 60 days before the event to commence. For individual reservations (private reservations), we accept credit card authorization forms and credit card over the phone with a 3.5% fee.

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